Words Rhymes & Rhythm TEACHERS AWARD

Words Rhymes & Rhythm is calling for nominations for the 2017 WRR NIGERIAN TEACHERS AWARD (WRR-NTA) to mark the WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY 2017.  The WRR-NTA is a N10,000 annual prize awarded to Nigerian English or Literature-in-English teachers for their contributions to the development of education and the literary industry. It is our own little way... Continue Reading →


The Brittle Paper Award for Essays/Think Pieces: Meet the Nominees

( by Brittle paper )   To mark our seventh anniversary on August 1, 2017, we announced the inaugural Brittle Paper Literary Awards, to recognize the finest, original pieces of African writing published online. The awards come in five categories: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Essays/Think Pieces, and the Anniversary Award for works published on our blog. The winners in the fiction,... Continue Reading →


My poetry walks by on broken limbs Satirical mirrors before me But I behold all others' sins The boy said "heroes never win at last any more" Sorrow has altered pure verse in the denouement Little one, today is simileous to days of old When personification breathed life unto gold My diction is laden with... Continue Reading →


by Osalam Wosu We are here to see our land Our distracters used the debris Of our once mounting tower to pave the way It has been a battle ground A load of wasters Our distracters tied us to the poles in the valley Listen!  Listen! The birds in the tree sing Liberate! The lion... Continue Reading →

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