​GOD AND ME BECAME FACEBOOK FRIENDS by Success Akpojotor/Poetry 

God and me chewed the fat on Facebook,

His bio section awesome,

His newsfeed, an assortment of the unwritten and spoken,

His profile picture was a call to action, not his mug
God is one of us, and has a device

like some of us, says “Hello” like me too

He said I secrete high humour.
Will you grant my requests?

I typed to God.

I’ve got a bucket list of them.
God laughed out loud.

I’ll have to hear it first, right?
Awe, will God be furious?
I typed away at my 5 inch:

Can I see God’s face?
God showed me his face.

Hails from somewhere in Africa.

I said: Thank you God.

God said: Welcome and Good night.
About the Poet 

Success Akpojotor, born in Nigeria’s Benin City, writes poetry, prose, and theatre. An Ambassador, appointed by the Fundación César Egido Serrano in Madrid, his works have been published widely online and in print in Nigerian Observer, Poets Reading The News, Heavy Feather Review, Tuck Magazine, Wax Poetry and Art, Snapdragon, Taxicab Magazine, among others, and have been anthologized in Mounting The Moon Anthology and Best New African Poets 2017 Anthology. He holds a honors degree in History from the University of Benin. @sadavidia.


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