​PASS THE NIGHT IN PEACE…by Paul Oluwafemi/poetry 

Bore holes into nights and see how 

much whore darkness can be when

stripped naked through journeys.

Nights are nothing when you’re holding

a lantern of fire to pass it by with peace.

Knights go broken through nights to stream 

tears on their faces at dawn.

Pass the nights in peace without any shattered

dream made bald with balms of darkness.

Dawn will be easy with all your lazy moves,with all

your lazy grooves thinking like a paramecium.

Pass the night in  peace and leave your broken 

pieces with the sun,leave your broken pieces

with the furnance of dna and allow fire to 

forge out the blueprint of life sleeping

 inside your darkness.

Nights are roads leading to the ends of paths,

They’re bridges varnishing like a mirage into the

woods of darkness thickened together like

colloids devoid of squids.

Peace comes after your broken pieces have been

made to see the speck of light on the head

of clouds where victories play in unison

as stars.

Pass the night with peace and allow tranquility

to sttle without any guilty conscience that 

shoul’ve punished logic and reason.

Roads cannot be straightened in the dusk

of cowardice with swollen dices.

Bridges wait on the ridges of gully erosion for judges

to speak the language of freedom  for the 

innocent to pass on to  the beauty of dawn.

Pass the night in peace,with pieces without 

any  gout and shingles singing disease  to 

 release an album inside your body of


Pass the night with peace and take your

glory with a story hanging on the ivory

towers of power.

About the poet 

Paul Oluwafemi David is a Nigerian who fell in love with poetry watching the beauty of nature,he is a student of professor Wole Soyinka and Ben Okiri.currently he is a student doctor at the college of human medicine university of Nigeria Nsukka with a strong mandible for the wonders of the universe.He has been published in AFRICANA,AFRICAN WRITER ,PRAXIS MAGAZINE,PRIDE MAGAZINE,THREE DROPS and NANTYGREENS.His work is about to be published in TUCK,BANGALORE  and KALAHARI.He writes poetry to places where words are begging for freedom.

©Afrikáná Web. 2018


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