​BLUE-SKY STANDARDS by Success Akpojotor /poetry

(After Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts)

My mental ratio pits against Mount Kilimanjaro –

I’ll be an Alsatian with a wagging tail only

After he wins, but this mano-a-mano won’t

Pass for I aspire to be the tallest mountain

Who parleys with Sol.

Already, but some dote on me and ascend down on me

Like a mantis religioso whose benedick is in her belly

And disdains the glory in the valley

After prettifying me beyond redemption.

These blue-sky standards I can’t deal

For I want to roll in the hay with the vale

Where the language of water is propitiation

And the Sun has no jurisdiction, for beauty will

Be an ugly old witch cascading down a skyline.
About the poet 
Success Akpojotor, born in Benin City, writes poetry, prose and theatre. A graduate of the University of Benin’s Department of History and International Studies, and an Ambassador appointed by the Fundación César Egido Serrano, Madrid, is the author of Sex and Lagos City (2016). His works have appeared here in Afrikánã, Saraba Magazine, Kalahari Review, USAfrica, among others. @sadavidia.

©Afrikáná Web.2018


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