​HEAVEN WAS THIRD WORLD by Success Akpojotor/poetry

I remember when:

My chassis was innocence –

God and I were sprig and pome

Heaven was Third World –

Its celestial minions Third Worlders

Carrots sprouted on trees –

Cuisine was sweet dust and fluffy clouds

Beast was man’s reliable ally –

Beauty was not in the eye of the hand

The soul was all that was –

Darkness was not the antonym of light

Lo, look now:

Today, history is unfair –

Happiness, a tall iroko tree

To have it, we must hew it down –

And incur the fury of benevolent spirits.
About the poet 

Success Akpojotor, born in Benin City, writes poetry, prose and theatre. A graduate of the University of Benin’s Department of History and International Studies, and an Ambassador appointed by the Fundación César Egido Serrano, Madrid, is the author of Sex and Lagos City (2016). His works have appeared here in Afrikánã, Saraba Magazine, Kalahari Review, USAfrica, among others. @sadavidia.
©Afrikáná Web. 2018


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