Top Ten Nigerian Mythology that could become movie blockbusters

Sango. Amadioha. Jinn. Bush Baby. Mami Water. And so on and so forth. These words may be meaningless to foreigners, but to Nigerians, their significance cannot be overemphasized. They are the gods, myths, stories that formed our folklore and made our childhood ‘lit’ or ‘scary’ – depending on who was telling and what the myth was about


The 2018 Brittle Paper Awards: The Winners

The Brittle Paper Awards is our way of recognizing the finest, original pieces of literature by Africans available online for free. We began it in 2017 to mark our seventh anniversary.

“In South Africa, I am different – and this is liberating.” YKO Tetteh reflects on the third Writivism residency at Stellenbosch University

By YKO TETTEH At Writivism I listened to a podcast shortly before my departure to Stellenbosch. It was Malcolm Gladwell’sRevisionist History and he was talking that episode about memory and our perception of time. He explained how our experience of time is a function of our memory – how time feels longer, fuller, and slower... Continue Reading →

Home is the road…a poem

HOME Roads that never end will break your heart, Fires that never die lives in your heart, Many crawl on their tears everyday like it was a road leading to home, They crawl on their scars to carry loads. Tears will never quench your thirst, tears aren’t water. Roads that make you cry is a... Continue Reading →

We live the sunlight

we do not trust you with nights. when you fall into the death in your mouth. cold. we set our left eyes ablaze to your feet. we lend our ears to the door. to be sure the morning is not your mass of mourning. but how again do we tell you? that we are also... Continue Reading →

Event | An Evening of Poetry, Music, and Conversation with Gbenga Adesina and Kechi Nomu at Angels & Muses, Lagos

African Poetry Book Fund (APBF) and Angels & Muse—Victor Ehikhamenor’s artsy co-working space—is bringing to Lagos an intimate evening of poetry, music, and stimulating conversation with Gbenga Adesina and Kechi Nomu, two of the best known Nigerian poets of the new generation. The event is themed “Private Histories, Bodies and Radical Tenderness” and will be moderated by the poet... Continue Reading →

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