​HEAVEN WAS THIRD WORLD by Success Akpojotor/poetry

I remember when: My chassis was innocence - God and I were sprig and pome Heaven was Third World - Its celestial minions Third Worlders Carrots sprouted on trees - Cuisine was sweet dust and fluffy clouds Beast was man's reliable ally - Beauty was not in the eye of the hand The soul was... Continue Reading →


​PASS THE NIGHT IN PEACE…by Paul Oluwafemi/poetry 

Bore holes into nights and see how  much whore darkness can be when stripped naked through journeys. Nights are nothing when you’re holding a lantern of fire to pass it by with peace. Knights go broken through nights to stream  tears on their faces at dawn. Pass the nights in peace without any shattered dream... Continue Reading →

GLAD..by Paul Oluwafemi/poetry 

Fire feeds us to be a horse, Look at everywhere, everyone and be glad of your darkness. Look at the faces of everywhere, Faces of everyone and be glad of nights. I’m glad for all the darkness that made me see, for allthe nights that led me to days, all the mountains that made me... Continue Reading →


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