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The Emerging Writer's Contest is open to writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry who have yet to publish or self-publish a book. The winner in each genre will be awarded $2,000. Read past winners of the contest here. Submit to the Emerging Writer's Contest through our submission manager. The 2018 contest judges are Carmen Maria Machado (Fiction), Roxane Gay... Continue Reading →


Kwame Dawes Is Developing a Digital Portal for African Poetry and Artifacts, from the 1800s to the Present

Kwame Dawes—Emmy-winning poet, founding editor of African Poetry Book Fund (APBF), and editor ofPrairie Schooner—is developing a digital portal for African poetry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he is also a Chancellor’s Professor of English, reports The Daily Nebraskan. “The African Digital Portal,” to be launched in 2019, “will feature artifacts, newspapers and manuscripts related to African... Continue Reading →


Thank you to all the entrants who submitted their work for consideration for the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award in 2017. When the best you have is just short of excellence, we cannot nominate a winner and for the first time since its inception 13 years ago we will have no published book for this year’s... Continue Reading →


Submit to Saraba For the 2018 issues of Saraba magazine, we ask prospective contributors to interpret the themes in singular, yet compelling ways. Submit unpublished writing that addresses any of our themes, indicating in your cover letter which issue(s) you would like to be considered for. The first two issues will be published online and in electronic format (PDF/ePub), and... Continue Reading →

‘The Elephant Dance’ by Henry Ole Kulet

More by this Author In the book TheBig Conservation Lie by John Mbaria and Mordecai Ogada, the authors decry the modern western-led and insisted-upon wildlife conservation that disregards the long-standing effective work by indigenous conservationists and local communities who have even named their children after wild animals. Ole Kulet’s book, The Elephant Dance is a... Continue Reading →

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