Home is the road…a poem

HOME Roads that never end will break your heart, Fires that never die lives in your heart, Many crawl on their tears everyday like it was a road leading to home, They crawl on their scars to carry loads. Tears will never quench your thirst, tears aren’t water. Roads that make you cry is a... Continue Reading →


We live the sunlight

we do not trust you with nights. when you fall into the death in your mouth. cold. we set our left eyes ablaze to your feet. we lend our ears to the door. to be sure the morning is not your mass of mourning. but how again do we tell you? that we are also... Continue Reading →

Dirge…by Lawal Mutalib Tunde/ poetry

Silence should remain Laughter should be in gourds What goes around comes around Is the miracle of nature. Like a circle, rounded with its circumference She saw his silence, as quiet as a mute speaker Whose voice has been enveloped  with the blink of blood  trekking down from his chubby cheeks He dared not wipe... Continue Reading →

Two poems by Paul Oluwafemi…

​FAST FINGERS I’ve never seen this before, He was writing with fire without burning the pages with smokes coming out from his book, without smokes coming from the strokes of tears poking Facebook pages to annoy zuckerberg. You wouldn’t dare ask if he was human, god or even both. You wouldn’t summon the effrontery to... Continue Reading →


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