Like A Mule Bringing Ice Cream To The Sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika// Book review

by Azeeza Adeowu Some people are so uncommon in the world of literature, especially as the main protagonist. The beggar is just the man the main protagonist walks past on the road, the old woman is the grumpy looking woman who lives next door, the taxi driver is the man that drives the main protagonist... Continue Reading →


Top Ten Nigerian Mythology that could become movie blockbusters

Sango. Amadioha. Jinn. Bush Baby. Mami Water. And so on and so forth. These words may be meaningless to foreigners, but to Nigerians, their significance cannot be overemphasized. They are the gods, myths, stories that formed our folklore and made our childhood ‘lit’ or ‘scary’ – depending on who was telling and what the myth was about

Event | An Evening of Poetry, Music, and Conversation with Gbenga Adesina and Kechi Nomu at Angels & Muses, Lagos

African Poetry Book Fund (APBF) and Angels & Muse—Victor Ehikhamenor’s artsy co-working space—is bringing to Lagos an intimate evening of poetry, music, and stimulating conversation with Gbenga Adesina and Kechi Nomu, two of the best known Nigerian poets of the new generation. The event is themed “Private Histories, Bodies and Radical Tenderness” and will be moderated by the poet... Continue Reading →

Wreck Love…by Lawal Mutalib Tunde/ poetry 

W​RECK LOVE Instead of stabbingHis heart,Why don't you justStab his chest?In lieu of showingLove lust in yourEyes and havingLovelorn in your heart.Why don'tYou just kill himAnd swallow the Knife.For hisHeart was asScars furnishedWith series ofExperiences.What deceivedHim most wasThat of his trustworthyWho believedIn the heartOf gold,Like that ofAnne FrankWhose fragrancesOf love was Immortal.What downgradedHim most wasThat... Continue Reading →

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